Good 2 B Back


This summer I set aside some time to create music with no real agenda. I realized that over the years the pressure to write what I would consider great songs got heavier and heavier to the point where I couldn’t even write anything because I was so weighed down by unrealistic expectations. I blocked out periods of time in which I would take the pressure off, go with the flow and just see what kind of ideas could come out without being overly critical. During one of those sessions I stumbled across some drum samples that really inspired me and in about 10 minutes I created a loop. I paced around my studio for over an hour while letting the beat play and made random sounds with my mouth to see what subconscious ideas might get sparked. At one point I laid down on the ground and looked up at the ceiling fan - shoutout to OutKast “Elevators (Me & You)”, asking God if there was any place I could start from, any ideas… And then eventually, it happened. “It’s good to be back, it’s good to be back, hello how you doin’ no I’m not a newbie in fact…” I had a starting point, something I could build off of. (You can watch an in depth video of what that process looked like in more detail at

So months later here I am. I finished writing it and decided that it’s the perfect song to kick off the transition from B.Reith to Brian Reith. It conveys the multiple layers underneath my motive for creating music. Yet it’s incredibly simple in its production compared to other songs I’ve released in the past. I intentionally left it that way because I wanted the focus to be on the lyrics. As a writer and producer, for most of my career I’ve always preferred quality over quantity. I recently had a shift in perspective. At a certain point "quality" can become ambiguous, elusive and subjective. And since I'm releasing a song every month it's freed me to let each song breathe and serve each song accordingly, not comparatively. Quality will always be of utmost importance to me, but not at the expense of getting held up and not releasing music!

So yesterday I released my first single as Brian Reith, entitled "Good 2 B Back" exclusively at


The song will eventually be released publicly, but I'm releasing songs first on Patreon as well as offering a range of other special rewards. I decided that I want run an independent crowd-funded record label and create the type of multi-genre music my fans want but I wouldn't be able to make if I was signed to a label because of all the restrictions that come along with that. Please consider becoming a patron if you haven't already! But either way, let me tell you: IT IS SO GOOD TO BE BACK!

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